ARC Academy Osaka

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Naniwa-ku 1-2-25 Nihonbashi-nishi, Osaka 556-0004,
Osaka Japan
Established in 1986, our school has been welcoming students from many different countries and regions. Multi-nationality, multiculturalism and diversity are the features of our school. As a group of professionals in the Japanese Language education field, we always study the most appropriate programs and lessons materials from the viewpoint of our students, in order to answer in the best way possible to the changes in the world and new needs. By the surveys we carry among our students, 90% of them is satisfied with our lessons. In order to cultivate communication skills and “the ability to think”, we approach many different topics, such as society, culture and territory through our rich classroom activities. The school’s name, ARC, means “bridge to the world”. We do our best to support our students in their post-graduation paths: our dream is to form people, through Japanese language education, who can one day become “connecting bridges” around the world and contribute to society. A multicultural, international and diverse environment: Our students come from the most diverse areas of the world: mainly Asia, but also Western countries, the Middle East and Africa. At present, learners from over 30 countries are studying at ARC Academy. Each of them has a different story and background, from high-school or university graduates, businessmen and retirees, people who took an extended leave from work and even people married to Japanese nationals. Needless to say, their goals differ too: accessing higher education in Japan, finding a job, establishing their own company, using Japanese in their everyday life or simply being able to have a better grasp on Japanese traditions and subcultures. Our students also actively participate in the cultural exchanges with the local community. At ARC Academy, in such a varied environment of nationalities, ages and objectives, you can make a true experience of cultural exchange and learn how to live in a multicultural society. Tailored support for learning need: Our school as always been engaged in providing a comprehensive curriculum capable of answering the various demands of our many different students, thanks to over 30 years of experience, while considering the continuous changes in our society and its renovated needs. When students enter our school, we inquire about their needs and readiness, and adequately separate them in classes. The study of the Japanese characters is done through the original textbook “Kanji Master”, which even learners coming from countries with different writing system can study without difficulty. Every school term, the homeroom teacher assigned to each class holds an individual counseling session with each student, to evaluate progresses and provide support where needed. Moreover, students of the intermediate level onwards have access to special classes conceived for specific goals (Special Preparatory Class for University, Special Preparatory Class for Graduate School, Business Japanese Class) optional classes (listening, reading, Japanese news), exam preparation classes (JLPT and EJU exams). Communication skills training (Over 90% of satisfaction rate): To express precisely one’s feeling and ideas. To grasp others’ intentions. Mutual understanding and respect, all begin with communication. At ARC, one of the topics stressed the most during class activities, is to understand the right way to express what students want to communicate. We want the students to understand and be understood through self-expression. It is said that language has 4 main skills, reading, writing, listening and speaking, but education at ARC is provided also fostering a fifth skill, the ability to think. With multiple chances to exchange information, one can develop all 5 skills and improve his or her own communication ability. Post-graduation career support connecting Japan to the world: We support our students choose their post-graduation path to make their dreams come true through the use of the Japanese language. Many students who graduate from ARC Academy enter every year Japanese Graduate Schools, Universities or Vocational Schools. The school provides comprehensive support, from collecting information on admission exams, to the preparation of application documents, exams simulation up to the acquisition of specific academic Japanese needed in higher education. In addition, in recent years the number of learners who wish to find a job in Japan is increasing, as are the employment offers targeted at foreign students. Regardless of the field or type of job, every year many students from ARC successfully find a job in Japanese companies. The school also supports its students in their search for a job in Japan: ARC’s wish is for its student to become connecting bridges between the world and Japan and contribute to future society.

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