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Sisekelo was initially established to provide an independent academic education for the children of the employees Ubombo Ranches Ltd. in 1988. A few years later a hostel was built in order to cope with the demand for excellent academic education in the kingdom. In 1998/9 the management of the schools became the responsibility of SWAZEP, the Swaziland Education Project. In 2006 the Ubombo Schools Trust took over the governance of the schools, securing the future for generations of children not only in Swaziland, but the rest of Africa and beyond. SWAZEP remains the financial management arm of the Ubombo Schools Trust. While we are primarily an academic institution, the Statement of our Principles is a living document. We believe in encouraging the individual to reach his/her own intellectual potential, as well as promoting the creative and physical development, be this in the case of a pupil or a teacher. We acknowledge that our children are faced with an explosion of ‘disposable’ technology which may have an adverse effect on the very moral fibre of society. There are four basic ideals which we encourage our pupils to internalise. These are founded on values encompassing respect for others including a sense of responsibility, commitment, cooperation, trust, consideration for others and honesty. Sisekelo endeavours to prepare our pupils to function successfully in their daily working lives by enabling appropriate life skills. Sisekelo pupils are encouraged to play their part as a member of our Sisekelo team in all we undertake. The development of a positive self-image and the personal striving for excellence is further encouraged. In order to ensure the development of sound moral integrity and facilitate this development along with a spiritual awareness both parents and pupils will need to sign their acceptance of these principles for acceptance at Sisekelo. Parents and pupils are therefore expected to acknowledge recognition of this by signing a copy of the Sisekelo Statement of Principles. Sisekelo has an ‘open door’ policy. Parents and pupils are encouraged to deal with queries, concerns and problems immediately. The Home Room teacher or subject teacher is usually the first person a parent would contact if the query/concern is academic or of a disciplinary nature. The next step would be to contact either a Head of Discipline or the Deputy Head of School. If the problem persists, parents and pupils are encouraged to contact the Head of Schools. We would like to maintain open communication at all times.

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