Ka-Zakhali Private School

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Second Ave, Manzini

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Zakhali is the Malawian name for Aunt. The prefix ‘Ka’ means ‘At’ in Siswati – Swaziland’s national language. The full meaning of the school’s name is: At aunt’s private school. The name Ka-Zakhali spells out the school’s vision. At the center of the school’s name is the title of a family role model ‘Aunt’- whose presence is traditionally a catalyst in child training. In most African cultures an aunt is also any child’s ideal confidant whose training skills, we believe have now been given the new additional title of teacher Ka-Zakhali was born out of concern for the spiritual, emotional and academic plight of the 21st Century urban African child whose parents, due to economic pressures, are both working or are in business. These work and or business related pressures leave the parents short on time with their children and, stressed to the point of being of little real academic, emotional and spiritual support to their equally pressured children. African urban communities, due to urbanization, have also been forced to embrace the nuclear family lifestyle whose deficiency negatively affects children more than the adults. Children are left without a concerned adult to guide them for most of the day. Due to these work pressures, life survival skills and values are either not taught, or if they are, there is little or no time to monitor and enforce them.

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