Universita degli Studi di Bari

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Piazza Umberto I s/n, Bari 70121,
Bari Italy
The University of Bari is built on the foundations of the ancient University Schools of Pharmacy and Notaries activated immediately after the unification of Italy in place of the old "Royal Lyceum of Puglia". In January 1925 the Faculty of Medicine was established, It incorporates the existing School for Midwives and is transformed into the Faculty of Pharmacy. In addition to these are added the Faculty of Law, Economics and Business and Agriculture. From 1944 onwards, the University will be strengthened with the establishment of the Faculty of Humanities, Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences, Engineering, Teaching, Veterinary Medicine and Foreign Languages. In the future, the international activity and the cultural cooperation agreements will be promoted in line with European and American universities, as well as in China. The University of Bari is also the seat of the Consortium of Universities of the Mediterranean (CUM), created in 1983 and recognised by UNESCO as a non-governmental supranational body to which currently 158 universities belong all along the basin. In May 2008, the Senate unanimously decided to name the University of Bari Aldo Moro.

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