shibuya gaigo gakuin

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shibuya Sakuragaokacho 8−18, Tokyo 150-0031,
School outline: Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin, member of the Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education, has been offering classes in 12 different languages, including Japanese, since its fondation in 1970. Studying at Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin means... A cozy and friendly atmosphere (6-16 students per class). Dedicated, professional teaching staff. Students from various countries: Europe 61% (Italia 35%, Sweden 12%), Asia 12%, USA 10%, South & Central America 6%, other 11%. A chance to meet Japanese students who are learning other languages. Cultural exchange. Advice and help on adjusting to life in Japan. Message from our Principal "Not on a mass production education basis, but on a small home-made basis" is our principle and our experienced teachers have been giving lessons with this heart-to-heart spirit in mind for many years. Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin provides the unique opportunity for students to get in touch with Japanese students who are studying other languages at our school. Under these international circumstances, we sincerely hope students will enjoy their studies, whilst sharing a lot of cultural, historical, and life-style experiences along the way. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at Shibuya Gaigo Gakuin. Message from our teachers: We offer a variety of activities and practice for students to be able to speak and write well in Japanese. But of course, we emphasize the importance of reading and listening skills as well. Our high retention rate proves the efficiency of our courses and you will soon realize how much your Japanese skills have improved. After school, students are free to enjoy the popular city of Shibuya, just a few minutes walk from the school. Our students come from all over the world and they are very interested in Japanese culture, so join us and let's study Japanese together! We are all looking forward to meeting you!

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