Libera Universita Maria SS. Assunta

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Via della Traspontina 21, Roma 193,
Roma Italy
The Libera Università Maria SS. Assunta, often simply abbreviated as "LUMSA" is a prestigious private university founded in 1939 in Rome. LUMSA was privately founded but belongs to the national Italian network of universities and is therefore able to confer recognised degree and diploma titles which have full legal force. The principal aspects of LUMSA are to be found in its humanist vocation and Catholic orientation. It has a humanist vocation because in a society which is scientifically and technologically advanced there is a growing awareness of the need for ‘wise knowledge’ which is rooted in an authentic idea of man and is able to promote progress for the real good of man and the human community. LUMSA belongs to the national and international scientific research network and has research programmes which operate within certain specific areas: education, the social services, the philosophical, philological and literary sciences, mass communications, and the juridical sciences and economics.

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