FAQs Students

FAQs Students


1. What can I do on the Unipupil portal?

  • Search for an Educational Institution of your choice.
  • Compare Institutions and their product offerings
  • Review institution ratings
  • View Educational Institutions based on most  popular cities and educational institutions.
  • Apply for and/or buy classes, courses, packages and workshops..
  • Buy Educational products and merchandising.

2. How do I know my reservation is confirmed?

As soon as you have completed the booking process, you will be brought to an Order Summary in your PayPal account. The Order Summary will show all of your booking details, including your booking number. You and the institution will be sent a confirmation email with all your booking information.

3. If I have a question about an Educational Institution or a class, course etc., who do I contact? 

You contact the institution directly through the contact button in their profile page.

4. Can I give feedback on the Educational Institution?

Yes, you can submit feedback on your experience of the institution and classes, courses, workshops etc., bought through the submit a review button on their profile page. The feedback and rating will be displayed on the institution profile page in the reviews & feedback section on the Unipupil portal.

5. What countries can I currently search for Educational Institutions?

You can currently search for Educational Institutions across the World.  Over the coming months we plan to expand into many additional countries.

6. Customer Support & Contact Details

Please contact Unipupil by email at info@unipupil.com. for any PayPal related queries or issues. We will respond to your queries within 48 hours.

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