eligibilty applications

Eligibility Applications

Get eligible applications from students who are interested in your classes, courses and workshops.

How it works?

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  • Eligibility Subscription (linked with online booking)
  • Eligibility Subscription Pricing

    Educational Institution Type Price (3 Monthly) Price (6 Monthly) Price (Yearly)
    Third Level i.e. University & College €150 €250 1 Month Free €450 3 Months Free
    All other educational institutions types
    e.g., Other Schools (Languages, Sports, Music etc.)
    €30 €50 1 Month Free €90 3 Months Free

    Payment Method: Then you pay a subscription with your PayPal account or a guest checkout option which accepts visa, debit card or on a subscription basis.

    Step 2: Add your Classes; Courses and / or Workshops

    • You add your classes, courses and workshops.
    • Each class, course and workshop will have the option to add an Eligibility Application.

    Step 3: Completing the Eligibility Customised Application

    • When you add your class, course or workshop, you will have the option to add Eligibility Questions for the students to complete. These questions can be either text or uploads e.g. qualification certificates, curriculum vitaes etc.

    Step 4: Process

    • Once you receive the eligibility applications from the students, after reviewing them, you will deem them either eligibile or ineligible by clicking on Accept or Reject. The student will be notified by you through the Unipupil internal messaging system.

    Step 5: The educational institution and the student will have a reporting area with the status of their eligibility applications.