Ecole elementaire privée Sainte Ursule - L.De Bettignies

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102 boulevard Pereire, Paris 17 75017,

Sainte Ursule - Louise de Bettignies is a school complex under the trusteeship of the Ursulines of the Roman Union.
Primary school is composed of 5 levels of elementary classes. 
The elementary school works in close collaboration with the college in order to gently prepare the students for their passage in 6th grade.

Students benefit from important supervision which helps to ensure the best of them. In addition to the teachers, the school head and his assistant, the school appeals to a coordinator, an educational officer responsible for school organization, an English teacher, three educators and four childminders.


  • English
  • Computer Science
  • Physical Education
  • Music Lessons
  • Body Awakening Lessons

The school proposes activities for children during the lunch break or in the afternoon. A child can choose up to two activities a week.

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