ARCES Palermo

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Arces Palermo Vicolo Niscemi, 5, 90133 Palermo, Italie, Palermo
Palermo Italy
ARCES, non-profit organization built in a charitable trust with Presidential Decree no. 713 of 22/09/1976, is a University College legally recognized by the Ministry of Education, University and Research (Prime Ministerial Decree of 19 November 1991). The University Colleges offer accommodation services and lodging but are distinguished mainly for their educational project that provides opportunities for training to integration and support of undergraduate study. All in high-quality facilities that guarantee to young residents excellent living conditions and functional spaces dedicated to education, to leisure and personal interests. It is a private legal institutions to which the State recognizes, as a result of a judgment determining the specific suitability, conducting a function of public interest in the field of law study. In Italy there are 14 legally recognized colleges which manage 47 residences in 14 cities. They gathered from 1995 Conference (CCU - University Colleges Conference); Since 2008, moreover, it was set up the European Conference of University Colleges (EUCA - European University College Association) based in Brussels. The training project of ARCES aims to accompany young people throughout the educational process, university and vocational training up to labor world. ARCES aims, in fact, to build a bridge between schools, universities and the labor market and to follow and support the students during the entire course.

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