Akua School - Primary

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Masia Can Ribot Avda Comte Ramon Berenguer, 138 Santa Coloma de Cervelló,, Barcelona
Barcelona Spain
Akua is an accredited and trilingual school, with personalized education, named Pedagogy of Talent, offering the stages of Kindergarten and Primary Education with a forecast of starting Secondary Education in the  2020-2021 school year and High School with the organic growth of the school.
​They share the vision of neuroscience and multiple intelligences, where we are all unique and intelligent, with different forms and learning processes, hence personalized education.
Accompany children in the process of learning at the emotional, curricular level and in the development of their own talents.
Apply the investigations of the educational area created by Akua, integrating them into the Pedagogy of Talent.
Offer the necessary resources to the new generations to create their own life in full.


  • Learning by doing
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Health and wellness
  • Multiculturality and Unity
  • Love for life
  • The organisation of his/her personality favouring autonomous thinking and promoting the use of creative imagination
  • The evolution of the sense of justice
  • The development of social skills
  • Managing emotions
  • Constructive interaction
  • The peaceful resolution of conflicts and the passion to learn
Active Learning is promoted, from concrete to abstract thinking, during every moment of the school day:
The child works at their own pace, integrating new learning and expanding their knowledge with the use of  Montessori materials, work guides, reference materials and research projects. With the accompaniment of a tutor, they plan and self-assess their work.
Through the weekly meetings, children are able to participate actively in the care and transformation of their immediate environment as well as make group decisions about things that affect them on a daily basis. 
In the course of the school year, a child can choose different workshops according to their interests in particular trades or professions, developing new skills, putting his skills into action, and exploring and enhancing his own talents.
They will also participate in, and help organise various  School outings for cultural and educational purposes.
Different projects and activities in mathematics, literacy, creative writing, English, physical education, music, yoga, circular dances, permaculture, art, body language, country walks, all in a collaborative way.
Their linguistic project is designed to respond to individual needs and encourages creative writing, the joy of reading and communicative skills in all three languages ​​from an experiential perspective.
We have a team of multilingual educators and many contexts which encourage multilingual oral communication. In the first stage of primary education, written communication in Catalan and Spanish is prioritised, except for children with native English; In the second stage of primary, more focus is placed on written communication in English for everyone.
Lunch: They offer catering service and we are working to have our own kitchen as soon as possible.
Bus service: A private school bus service is offered to families based in Barcelona or the Baix Llobregat area.

Campus Space: The school has 3.500 m2 of floor space and one hectare of natural green space with fruit trees. We are 10 minutes walk away from a natural forest. 



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