About Unipupil

Who we are

Unipupil is a unique One-Stop Global Education Portal, connecting students looking to study locally or abroad, educational institutions interested in creating an appealing online presence, education agents looking for a one stop solution for their students, educational service providers looking to advertise and corporates searching for skilled graduates.

What is our goal

We are here to connect the education market at a global level, supporting the complete student journey nationally and internationally through their search for languages, education, accommodation and professional employment to enable successful transition from education to the workforce.

Why UniPupil was developed:

Creating sustained and fundamental positive change, enabling economies to flourish through alignment of economic needs with education is our long-term passion for UniPupil.

Diversity is our foundation and core operating principle, which is reflective of how we built this company with people from all over the world.

The overall premise of our company is to focus on enabling students’ education to be aligned with the jobs of the future …then everyone wins:

  • Students are fulfilled and marketable
  • Companies get the best and brightest and address their skills needs
  • Countries fulfill their workforce needs and economies flourish

Unipupil’s culture

A high performance, self-managed, continuous improvement, dynamic and diverse culture, where Every Day is a Good Day, with all feeling respected and valued, supporting and enabling each other to thrive and meet our individual dreams.

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