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Unipupil International Data Science Interns: Chatbot PART #2

After our last blog, we took all of the research we gathered and we moved on to the next phase of building and training our chatbot model. We decided to use data consisting of casual conversations to train our model- the Wiki Question and Answer dataset- which...

  • Author: Rowan e Pooja
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CROSS FUNCTIONAL TEAMWORK: An intercultural experience in Dublin

Hi everyone!

I am Alex and I am a student from Switzerland. Currently I am studying at the college Kantonsschule am Brühl (KBS).

I am currentlIy studying IT-engineering. Over these summer holidays I am participating in a language study abroad program with an...

  • Author: Alexandru Schneider
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Starting my fashion designer journey at Unipupil



I am Mathilda. I am an Italian highschool student who is  currently studying tourism at Fossati da Passano in Italy, which is one of  the high schools  located in my city.  Now, I am in Dublin, and I will stay here for a month in order to complete an internship in a Social...

  • Author: Mathilda Cosi
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Experience of three women in business

Experience of three International Women in Tech Business 

Hello everyone!

We are Roberta and Gloria, two Unipupil interns from Sicily (Italy).

Last November we graduated in Modern Languages and Civilizations and now we are currently majoring in Modern...

  • Author: Roberta, Gloria & Valeria
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Physical Education: Importance of Sport in Education

“Hi! I’m Edoardo from Sicily (Italy).

I’m currently studying Physical Education at Pegaso University and working at a Sport Association football “GT Sport”.

Physical Education is ‘education through the physical’. Physical Education...

  • Author: Edoardo
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